Game Table: Round Two

It’s been a few weeks since I have had an opportunity to work on my table mostly due to weather, the holidays, and a few family emergencies. But now that I am back to work and I set up an indoor workshop I can finally finish the table. 

First up was attaching the table top a bit better and problem solving my Pin legs not having much to support. Its moments like these that I feel cursed by my MechE degree because I immediately go into engineer mode and start considering torque, shear stress, and a thousand other things when really I just need a few more screws. 

With the table top attached and the legs in I realized my leg problem had more to due with my screws then anything else. I was using #6 fine thread 1/2″ screws on some soft pine wood. It is pretty easy to see that my legs would wobble. So I grabbed some #10 3/4″ screws which really bit into the wood, after that I decided I should secure every bit of my table top with the better screws and things really seemed to come together.

I decided to take a break to really let some wood glue dry on a few of the pieces that just weren’t getting enough force to held down. As I fiddled with the wood glue I think about how much time I could save if my work surface was actually flat and not on a weird 5º angle.

Custom Game Table

After a year of looking at custom tables that other folks have been building I decided it was about time to build one myself. I took most of my inspiration from Black Magic Crafts table linked here. I took the key frame that he built and expanded a bit on it. For me the table was all about having enough space for my players. 12×6 pine was for the top of the table and 2×4 were used for the frame. I was going to make legs but decided that I didn’t have the right tools to make a nice one so instead I ordered some pin legs. Finally, I used some 1×2’s to build a channel for the LEDs and that is what holds up the center.



Starting a Blog

Among the thousands of blogs that already exist out there on wood work, gaming, and coding starting a little thing here really is just a drop in the pond. This just means that the goal is to build something that is well I guess more for me than anyone else. With that stated to myself, this blog will be about wood working, electronics, coding, and dungeons and dragons. Among other things